Mineral pigment, gold, gouache and acrylic on primed cotton
Collection  Ser Cho Osel Ling retreat center. Goldendale, Washington

An important practice in the Shangpa lineage focusing on the main deity, Dorje Chang (Vajradhara) in union with his consort Ying Chuk Ma (Vajradatavesvari). They are surrounded in the four cardinal directions by Chagdrupa (6 armed Mahakala), who’s focus is dispelling outer obstacles directly in front of them; Dorje Naljorma (Vajra Yogini), who’s focus is enriching inner meditative experience, bliss and heat to their right; Chenrezig (2 armed Avalokatesvara), who’s focus is enriching outer meditative experience directly behind them; Drolma Jangku (Green Tara), who’s focus is dispelling inner obstacles to their left. There are two main sources of transmission for this practice. This particular one was revealed  to Rahula Gupta Vajra  in south India. He later transmitted it directly to Kyungpo Naljor at Pen-youl Jok-po in Tibet while in retreat. Kyungpo Naljor then passed it on to Mok-chok-pa and it has been continually passed down through the lineage until the present day.

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