Mineral pigment, gold, gouache and acrylic on primed cotton
Collection Robert Foister

Chenrezig, the expression of awakened compassion, rests in the center of this composition of nine dynamic figures of light. He is red and dons the attributes of the Sambhogakaya realm, which include a crown, jewels and silks. He has four arms expressing the four immeasurables; love, compassion, joy and equanimity.

Amitabha, the top most figure,  is known as the Buddha of boundless light. His red color indicates that he is of the Lotus family, in fact he is the ultimate expression of this family, who’s main activity is love and compassion.

Just below Amitabha is a form of Guru Rinpoche, known as Pema Jungney. He is a dark skinned mahasiddha wearing  charnel ground bone ornaments  and dancing atop a moon seat and lotus.

The protector Tamdrin (Hayagriva)  appears to the right of Chenrezig (viewers left). The intense compassion that issues from him is displayed by a wrathful countenance, a compassion which is indestructable in the face of all obstacles such as the over whelming confusion, hatred and attachment that prevents beings from recognizing their pure nature.  Opposite Tamdrin is Guhya dakini, who has 4 arms and who’s body radiates with orange luminosity.  At the bottom are the dakinis of the four directions. From the viewers left to right are: white Buddha dakini, yellow Ratna dakini, red Padma dakini and green Karma dakini.

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